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Chairman's Message

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Chairman's Message

Dear our business partners, our colleagues and our valued customers who trust us,

Having started our journey with the gold sector for 28 years, we have become an organization which is active in many different sectors, especially in construction and has adopted the principle of adding value to the future at all times. With the various commitments we have made in the construction sector and successful infrastructure projects, we have grown in size and added value to our life with our human-focused approach in every sector we exist.

With the slogan Life Moments we wanted to offer our customers who have always trusted us, to live better in the future, and we have always gone without sacrificing quality in every sector we are in. Today, we continue our activities successfully in many sectors, from agriculture to energy, to the health of the construction site, and we continue to grow with our valuable business partners and stakeholders.

We have a company policy that is environment-friendly, quality-based, human-focused, ethical and equitable, and we are moving towards our goals without sacrificing our principles. We aim to continue to add value to these lands both at home and abroad, as one of the leading organizations in every field we operate.

We look forward to the future more confidently with the breakthroughs we have made in many areas this year. We have laid the seeds of a great deal of investment in the agriculture and livestock industry, energy from the technology. We heard confidence in Turkey's future, we continue to add value to life.

Hayattan understands, and in every sector we find, we offer life-filled moments to these lands and humanity.

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