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Continuing its journey with the motto “moments from life”, Bahas has carried out numerous innovative projects in the field of property investment development to offer moments full of life.

With the latest construction techniques with high construction quality and reliable engineering, it has always exhibited its difference. It has realized many projects which add value to their surroundings, focus on human happiness and offer the best alternatives for both the investor and the user of the residence without compromising its quality. The trust in Bahas name is its most valuable constructive strength and Bahas aims to continue exhibiting its difference in the property sector for each project to be carried out in the future.


It is important to keep your promises in life. Completing all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure works of large residence projects successfully with this perception as both entrepreneur and contractor, Bahadırİnşaat has completed numerous contract projects successfully. It has delivered approximately 100 turnkey infrastructure and superstructure projects completely and in time such as schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, parks, culture centres, public buildings and healthcare, tourism, social and sports facilities for all public institutions and organizations and it currently continues its works as the contractor of many new projects. In addition,Bahas offers effective solutions in various fields such as tender management, turnkey construction contracts, all engineering services, design and construction contracts, general contracting and technology management.

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