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Operating to offer enjoyable moments to its guests in tourism which is one of the most important income sources of Turkey, Bahas Holding offers high-quality services to both local and international guests in its hotel located in Erzincan Yalnızbağ.


In addition to this investment with a restaurant to serve 1000 people, a day-care centre and wedding hall located on 7000 m2 land, Bahas is planning to continue its investments in tourism.


Total length of Oylat Cave which consists of two interconnected layers is 665 metres. We can divide the cave which has a meandering profile in general into two according to its developmental features. The section between the entrance and large depression hall consists of narrow galleries. The average ceiling height of this section which is 2-5 metres wide is around 15 metres. The pothole and stalactite pools cover a large area here. In addition, four-five metres thick gravel yards (in the form of a patio) and glazed surfaces beneath are seen. On the contrary, the other section of the cave consists of a large depression hall. With a large elevation difference of 93 metres between its beginning and end, this hall is 25-55 metres wide and 3-15 metres high. The upper and final section of the hall which consist of large blocks and giant stalactite formations (pendant, dickite and column) is composed of thick gravel, sand and alluvion layers. A rich biome lives in Oylat Cave which is composed of sections with different developmental and meteorological features. This involves bats, diplopods, butterflies, worms and guanobies. There is sensible wind in the narrow galleries and passes which connects the halls and layers in the cave.

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