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12 Nov
24 Feb
2020 Real Estate Panel

          İş dünyasının önde gelen isimleri Real Estate Stars'ta bir araya geldi. Gayrimenkulün Liderleri (Real Estate Stars) Ödülleri'nde Gayrimenkul 2020 adında, deprem odaklı bir de panel düzenlendi. Panelde, mevcut yapı stokunun depreme hazırlıklı olup olmadığı, gayrimenkul sektörü olarak 2020 yılına nasıl hazırlanıldığı, depreme karşı daha da hazır olmak için nelerin yapılması gerektiği, kunut kredilerinde nasıl bir yıl beklendiği,gayrimenkul yatırım fonları, kentsel dönüşüm gibi konular ele alındı.   

21 May
Foreign Demand Will Be Effective to The Growth of The Sector

Foreign demand will be effective to the growth of the real estate sector in years.

21 May
In April, There Was A Record of Buying Houses from Foreigners

In April, there was a great record of buying houses from the foreigners in Istanbul.

13 May
02 Aug
Construction activities will be further suppressed

Turkey Union of Contractors (TMB), the implementation of the economic program, which is essential in the financial and monetary tightening measures, which will slow down construction activity signals further pressures in the short to medium term; the sector should be supported against the upward trend in foreign exchange and interest rates. Under pressure from the United States, the under-pressure dollar / US dollar rallied around 4.93 today after the rejection of US lodging priest Andrew Brunson's objection to house arrest yesterday. USD / TL from the inside since Christmas election uncertainty, geopolitical risks and foreign currency debt, which is concerned with the 30 percent rise in Turkey's economy and for the companies that use imported inputs into a difficult. The TMB pointed out the importance of market conditions in terms of the course of infrastructure projects with high financing needs, but pointed out that there is an upward trend in foreign contracting services.

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